Greetings to all -

Hope you are all finding some time to weave between shoveling and enjoying all of our lovely snow.

At our March guild meeting, we will be having a "group weave-a-thon" to make baskets for the Life House for which NSBG will provide the pattern and supplies to make up the basic basket.Members are encouraged to bring any special reed, embellishments, etc. to make these baskets special. We want to fill them with items such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and brushes, razors – male & female, shaving cream, hand/feet warmers, socks/underwear, and chocolate. Baby items needed at Life House (newborn to age 4) include diapers, burp cloths, onesies, teething items, lotions, etc. Any and all donations will be gratefully appreciated.

Incorporated in 1991, Life House has provided homeless and street youth ages 14-21 with unconditional support, transitional housing, and a safe alternative to the streets for 25 years.Life House serves approximately 600 unduplicated youth and 75 of their young children.House is located at 102 W. First Street, Duluth, MN and to find out more about them, check out their website:

Keep on weaving!

Sue Turnquist,

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Holy Cross Lutheran Church
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About the North Shore Basket Guild

NSBG Board Members for 2015-2016
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    Sue Turnquist
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    Joanne Balliette
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    Barb Teske
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The North Shore Basket Guild was established in May of 1999. The Guild meets the second Saturday of each month (except June, July and August) at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 410 North Arlington Avenue, Duluth, MN, from 9:00 — 2:00.

Dues are $25 a year and are payable in October of each year. A non-member may attend one class without paying dues, however paid members are given preference if there is a class limit.

To get in touch with the North Shore Basket Guild please email Shirley Adamczak at

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Special Thanks

Our thanks to Todd Pleski who gave a very interesting presentation on staining and caring for wood bases at our October guild meeting. You may contact Todd at: for bases.

Basket Weaving Tips

Marking half on a hoop for egg baskets? Throw that tape measure away! I have a quicker way. Most hoops are not exactly round, or exactly the same dimensions. When ordering, ask that they be "matched". They will come to you taped together. I will use a 12" hoop for example here. Place one hoop on your quilting mat, with the join on the 6" line. Move the hoop around a bit, until aligned the same with the 12" lines. Take your pencil and mark inside and outside of hoop on the 6" line. Repeat with the other hoop.

Della Pleski

Rather than using flat reed for the rim row, twine 3 rows of #2 round reed. That way you don’t need to worry about having he right “tucked” spoke. Also, on the corners, you can tuck both spokes, making the basket stiffer. *Use caning to lash a rim, it is a lot stronger!

Della Pleski

When putting in filler spokes, tuck the “chicken feet” to the outside and make sure the filler spokes are woven in with the right side up so that they can be bent to the outside without breaking. This may be contrary to what the pattern says but it will give a neater edge.

Phyllis Knutson

When double lashing (“X”) pull half the lashing material through to the inside of the basket and leave it. With the other half of lashing do single lashing around. When you finish once around, take the lashing material inside the basket and begin crossing the first lashing going in the opposite direction until the basket has been lashed. This method saves wear and tear on the lasher.

Phyllis Knutson